I’m Lucy, part-time working-from-home bean counter and full time dabbler and potterer in this and that. I live in beautiful North Yorkshire with two Lego obsessed boys, our dog Poppy, 5 chickens and my long suffering husband.

Why the blog?

I have been tinkering about making things since forever. Watching Blue Peter and wishing I could get my hands on sticky backed plastic to make my version of a shoe box dolls house. I have been very guilty of walking past stands & stalls at Country fairs & shows and thinking I could do that myself. This has inspired me to have a go at lots of different types of hobbies & crafts from woodwork to crochet, via willow weaving and mosaicking. I have been on various workshops and done evening classes (mostly before the wilderness years of raising small children). My husband can’t understand why I haven’t just stuck with one or two hobbies or crafts and focussed on them. I guess I haven’t yet found my niche. I may never find it.

I have met some amazing people who are true masters of what they do, and perhaps their passion & talent for one craft or hobby is what puts me on the back foot. Or maybe I am just a magpie collecting new hobbies and skills like shiny objects. It may be in my genes, my mother (and her mother before her) was and still is my main tutor in many different skills from Jam-making & other concoctions, to dyeing and spinning wool, knitting and crochet.

So this is my place to show what I have done and who has helped me to do it.

I welcome your feedback and ideas!

Lucy x