New Hat Weather

I’ve been trying to keep my various plates spinning over the past few weeks – and as always happens, one plate (this blog) has been getting overlooked. Out of nowhere it’s now November, the clocks have gone back, we’ve done Bonfire night and the first frosts have started.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. NO! NO! NO! – it still looks like November! It is still November!

It’s beginning to look like hat weather though. I like a good bobble hat. I have a fancy dan one for looking swish while freezing watching the boys play rugby. What I need is a general hat for walking the dog. Plus I need to exercise my crafty side, I need a new project. A new hat is much more manageable than, say, a jumper (which yes – I have still got in my WIP bag!).

This was the first woolly hat I “created” – no pattern and made out of random shapes as I learnt how to do decreases. It was made for my other half – but as I had no plan, it’s far too big for him. 

This is my last creation – a “Baa-ble” hat following the 2015 Shetland Wool Week pattern created by Donna Smith. This was at the time a free pattern to follow – it’s now available to download via Ravelry here for the princely sum of £3.72. As the pattern is very easy to follow, definitely worth it.

However Son 2 has appropriated that hat and unless I can replace it with one with Tractors on it, he’s not keen to relinquish it!

So I’ve done a search on Ravelry for new hat ideas. Ravelry is to the knitter/crocheter what Pinterest is to the rest of us – a great catalogue of ideas and also a good way to lose several hours.

However I have found some contenders:

  1. Replace the “Baa-ble” hat?

 2. Go Colourful?

3. Stripes?

4. Or just plain rude:

Yes well….

And here is the wool I plan to use. This is some of my hoarded Drops Nepal wool which I can’t remember buying (maybe a small problem there). I could have had a plan at some point, but it’s not coming back to me.


We are away this weekend, so I am going to try and decide by tomorrow which hat to go for and get started. All I do know is that it will have to have a massive pom pom on top!

Any suggestions/opinions/preferences?

Lucy x

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