My attempt at a Steam Punk flower faerie?

Following on from my “John Bull under a down pipe” Spring outfit for the Oxglam Fashion Show at the Festival of Thrift, here is a quick up date on my Winter Outfit.

This was the one where I had the idea in my head before I knew the actual theme of Season’s & Growth for this years show. I love the idea of a Steam Punk type outfit – in my head at least! Not sure a 40 something living in rural North Yorkshire could really pull this look off! So here are my inspirations (all via Pinterest aka the time eater!)

I found a velvet M&S blazer and “pleather” jacket and married the two together:

I then had my Pretty in Pink moment making the skirt from an 80@s style lace dress. In a dressmaking move my mother in law (and lets face it all remotely skilled dressmakers out there) would be horrified by, I basically tried the dress on, marked the middle and chopped it.

I was careful not to cut through the zip so I could keep it as the closure. I also added a grosgrain strip to stabilise the new waistband. As I don’t know the exact dimensions of the model, I’ve added a ribbon to the waistband leaving a gap at the back so it can be pulled in as needed.

I also added extra net underneath and over the top:


My brain wave (or Brian wave as I keep typing) was to re-purpose some spare chicken wire into large skeleton leaves. They are bent and cut, then spray painted white.

I attached the leaves to the waistband of one of the skirts I cut up for the Spring project using the buckle to ensure it could be put on over the lace skirt:

Using the left over “pleather” from the jacket plus another skirt, I made leaves to add to the jacket and also a small hat/fascinator:

And I will leave it there – more photos to follow from the actual Show!

If you are in the Kirkleatham (near Redcar) area the Festival of Thrift is on Saturday and Sunday 23/24 September. There is a £5 per car charge but entrance is free! More information on the festival is on their website.

One thought on “My attempt at a Steam Punk flower faerie?

  1. Lisa

    Wow so amazing to see the process of the design! I was the lucky model who wore the outfit in the show, and as a fashion graduate I can fully appreciate the work and thought that’s gone into this outfit and I’m so glad I got to wear this I’m very lucky! Thankyou for your creativity! X


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