Oxglam – progress update – refining my plans

This is a quick update on how I’m progressing with my plans for the Festival of Thrift’s Oxglam Fashion Show.

I am planning a Spring and Winter outfit based on the items I was able to grab during my first visit. First, I do apologise for my sketches – not my forte! But hopefully giving you some idea of where I may end up?


My idea here is to have a “river” running down the model, complete with a fish or two. Sue at Oxfam Darlington reminded me that the theme of “Growth” does need to have more of a flora & fauna feel so I am building in more vegetation with patchwork fields and hedgerows round the rest of the form. I may see if I can get a tractor away from Feral Child 2 to add in?


As well as using items from the Oxfam store, the patchwork means I can use up some of my (whispers) huge fabric stash. This is an problem I caught from my Grandmother, and actually a lot of the bits in the below pictures are pieces from her huge fabric stash which I have inherited/saved. Granny would keep even the smallest scrap from any project in case it could be used again. I can always hear her in my ear when ever I throw anything away. Not sure if she would have liked the Festival of Thrift (too noisy) but she was everything it embodies – a start to finish thrifter.



This is the outfit I’ve started on. Still going for a gothy, steam punk type jacket, but with a skeleton leaf, bare tree type feel (that does all sound a bit too cool for school in typed form but there we go). More of my wonky sketches…

Here are a few more Pinterest inspo pics:

I love the details of the skeleton leaves, and these felted scarves.

Here is where I have got the Jacket to so far..

I’m popping back to the Oxfam shop to pick up some more bits (and return the things I’m not going to use). I’ll then be taking some selected bits away on holiday to work on in the sunshine.

What do you think? Can you make head or tail of where I’m going? Not sure if I shouldn’t keep things under wraps from now on until the “big reveal”, I’ll maybe share selected bits from now on!

Lucy x

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