#National Upcycle Week! – Jewellery Display Frame Up-cycle

It’s Gumtrees’ National Up-Cycle Week this week and they are running a competition to win a holiday for two to Vienna (love a competition!) So I have used this as an opportunity to push myself to get a couple of my project list items out of the way.

I had seen up-cycled jewellery frames while wasting many hours trawling Pinterest. So I’ve been keeping an eye out in charity shops for a suitable frame to make my own. I’m not a huge jewellery wearer at the moment with small boys (they do like to swing off necklaces!) but I find if I can’t see what I have, I forget I have it and it will languish in my jewellery box. Plus I do have some long necklaces which tie them selves into knots as soon as you put them down. A jewellery display frame is what I need.

I found this mirror last month, the mirror itself has marks on it so I don’t feel too bad taking it apart. The frame is in really good nick, but if it had needed any filling, now would be the time to get the polyfiller out. In the spirit of up-cycling, I rummaged in our paint store and found the tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint which was bought eons ago for a different upcycle project.

The corner cabinet pictured here was £12 on eBay, the paint was £18 (yup, mad). However a little goes a very long way – as you can see it’s still over two thirds full and has covered the cabinet and a nightstand (three coats each).

Here I went a little off piste and roped in my tame three year old to help with the painting. He was surprisingly good and didn’t paint too much of himself. Obviously the secret is to do thin layers of paint, so thankfully he got bored after a while and I could spread out the blobby bits.

For the padded section I have used an off cut of our curtains (saved in my fabric stash since we had them made 8 years ago!). Underneath, I have used a section of an old felted cardigan which I was given by a friend (who had accidentally put it on a hot wash). At this point I am feeling all the warm and fuzzies that my obsessive hording of stuff is paying out (I need to do this more often!).

I used PVA glue to stick the jumper to the old backing board. Once stuck it’s easier to then trim as the jumper pulls and stretches otherwise. I then covered the board with the curtain fabric and used gaffer tape to stick it in place.

I’m using  ordinary dressmaking pins pushed in at an angle. Had I gone for a cork backing I could have used smaller noticeboard pins.

Here it is on display – I will probably put it up on the wall once I’ve found a mirror to go over my dressing table (another hunt!)

No going to see if I can manage a third upcycle before the week is out!

Bye for now

Lucy x


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