Sweatshirt re-vamp

Have you got a top or jumper that’s just a bit blah? Something you bought thinking “it’ll do” but it doesn’t really? This sweatshirt is one of those purchases. A sale purchase that I reasoned would be useful to wear on days with the boys because, lets face it, we don’t wear our best stuff to look after our children. But should we necessarily then just wear boring stuff?

So this boring green sweatshirt with it’s strangling high neckband needs a change up.

The neckline is what kills it for me – just too plain, high and boring. Time for the chop…

I used a plate to mark a semi circle, then a quick swish with the rotary cutter on my self healing mat. I then ran a couple of zig-zag stitches around the neck to stop too much unravelling and rolling.

I could have just left it there, but at the time I did this, I was also upcycling my Pheasant Cushions. So decided this jumper could do with some further upcycling with stars. More Reynolds Freezer paper and Dylon fabric paint!

I drew very rough free hand stars and then used a ruler to get straight lines through the points. You need to cut from the tip of each star in towards the middle and try not to get any over running cuts. This is so the paint won’t bleed through and spoil the sharp lines.

The freezer paper stars are then ironed on into position (positioning took a while – til I gave up and just went with it). The Dylon fabric paint is then carefully dabbed on and “pushed” in to the fabric. I did two coats to get a strong black finish. Once it’s dry, you peel off the paper and iron again to fix.


Ta Dah!!


Freshly ironed – ready for the three year old to do his worst to it 😉


It’s National Upcycling Week this week so I may try and do something else from the project list. However we also have our village summer games this Saturday (& I’m one of the lucky organisers this year) so it’s already going to be a busy week!

Bye for now

Lucy x





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