Shooting in the rain?

June – you need to have a word with yourself, where has summer gone?

This time last week I was worrying over whether it would be too hot to wear my new Aylsham gilet for National Ladies Shooting day on Saturday 10 June. Now it’s more a case of what will keep me dry while still looking as stylish as possible.

Shooting in the rain is no fun. Shooting in the rain, feeling uncomfortable/cold/wet is awful! Having left it far too late to order anything new, I am stuck between wearing my tweed shooting jacket and borrowing an old shooting coat from my husband:

Tweed Shooting Jacket?

I’ve had my Alan Paine Compton Shooting Jacket for 7 years, but apart from the colourway not being in current stock you can barely tell it’s not new. And this is after A LOT of wear chasing after 2 small boys. As a day to day coat it’s pretty useful, lots of pockets, waterproof and warm. However therein lies my concern, I usually wear this jacket in the autumn and winter. Even in the rain, it’s June, so if I wear my new gilet under the jacket I’m going to boil shooting.  Feeling hot and sweaty isn’t going to help my aim much. Equally I will need to take it off for the tea, cake and prize giving afterwards and I do then want to have my new gilet on and not look too bedraggled.

Old Borrowed Shooting Coat?

  • My husband’s shooting coat is in a thinner fabric so I can wear my gilet underneath. Yay!
  • However, I will look like a scruffy hobbit while I’m wearing it. Nay!

Ordinarily clay shooting isn’t a catwalk, but this is National Ladies Shooting day – with a (fun) prize for the best dressed lady. While I don’t think I have a chance at winning, I do feel I’ve got to make an effort. (I do see that this is not the worst problem I could have today).

What I should have done was to order myself a new thinner shooting jacket of my own before now. Something like the Alan Paine Berwick Ladies Shooting coat, which would have accommodated the gilet without adding too much bulk. It’s at time like these when I kick my procrastinating self for not getting my act together and sorting all this out sooner!

I may just have to take all options down with me on the day and do some swift changing in the car park!

At least my shooting seems to still be going in the right direction. This week’s league night was away at Marne Shooting Club. On a wide mix of clays, I managed 13/25 which I’m pleased with. IMG_0035.JPG

Some of my misses were down to in experience, others to losing concentration and just not focusing my mind before calling “pull”. This is why getting my outfit planned out before Saturday morning is important (to me at least), one less thing to get in my headspace when I’m trying to slay that clay!

Wish me luck!

Lucy x

This post also features on the Alan Paine blog. Alan Paine have kindly given me an Aylsham gilet to wear to National Ladies Shooting Day, but other than that I am not sponsored by them in any way and all opinions above are my own . I have included links in the above post but they are all unaffiliated and just for information purposes only.


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