What to wear at NLSD2017?

This blog post is my fourth for the Alan Paine Blog:

“Sun’s out, gun’s out” so they say all over Instagram (usually when I can’t get out myself ☹).


This week it has been shining on me: by actually shining (extraordinary for a school holiday), having a willing (and free) babysitter in my wonderful mum staying for a few days enabling me to get out to shoot. And finally, seeing tangible improvement in my shooting on the Thimbleby league night.

On the 5 home stands where I have twice previously scored 9/25, this time I managed a whopping 14/25!

The driven stand still eludes me. These clays shoot fast & high over your head so that you are forced to pull through them and fire with your gun blocking your view of the clay.  I managed to hit one of them but not entirely sure how. It does feel good to smash any clay but hitting a tough clay by luck rather than skill does feel a little like cheating to me. On the other stands, I felt much more confident in how to shoot the targets, and with the 2017 National Ladies Shooting Day looming, I am hoping this run can continue at least until 10 June.

With the shooting going in the right direction. My attention is turning to another very important concern – What to Wear to NLSD2017?

For normal clay shooting, comfort is key. I’m still a novice and haven’t really started to amass much “kit” yet. I’ve been shooting up to now in wellies or walking shoes (flat shoes are better for balance and most clay grounds are gravelled) and an old gilet. However, at NLSD17 there will be a (fun) “best dressed” competition at each ground. With so many fabulous ladies (and cakes) attending, I feel I should really try to make a bit of an effort.

Handily Alan Paine have come to my rescue with the offer of one of their fab Aylsham fleece Gilet which will significantly smarten up my usual attire. I am now torn between hoping for the sun to stay or cloud to return so I can wear it along with some new pink shooting socks and boots.

I am taking two friends to Hazel bank for NLSD2017, neither have held a gun before let alone shoot one. My clothing advice for them is going to be simple:

Dress for the weather obviously but also keep in mind you will need to be able to move your arms above your head. Don’t have anything too bulky around your neck or shoulders which will get in the way of the gun. The Hull 21g Comp X cartridges which will be provided at each ground have very little recoil so you don’t need to have anything too padded on your shoulder. All ear & eye protection will be provided (if you don’t have your own) as well as some gorgeous navy caps provided by sponsor Hull Cartridges (falling clay fragments can hurt).

One more week before 10 June & I have our village show’s annual clay competition as well as an away league night to get some practise in. Hopefully the sun will keep shining!

Bye for now

Lucy x

Please note: Apart from the very generous offer of an Aylsham Fleece Gilet (which I’m yet to receive), I am not paid or sponsored by Alain Paine. All comments and opinions are my own.


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