TA-DAH! Upcycling a stained top – Part 3 DONE!

I’ve finished it! Putting something up at the start of the month as a virtual to do list has actually worked!.

A quick recap – I have had this fab daffodil yellow Joules Harbour top kicking about in my stash pile for over a year. In the stash pile as it had been spattered & stained by something (probably involving blackberries) but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out.

So my plan was to remove/replace the stained part. Initially this was just going to be the middle section. However I then realised I’d also managed to get the top of the arms marked as well. This made the upcycling a little bit more complex.

So after doing the chopping as per Part 2, out came the machines. I have a fairly basic model Toyota sewing machine and a Brother over locker. I’ve been sewing on and off since I was small but I’m quite new to the world of overlocking. I say new, I’ve had the over locker for about 3 years but it only came out of the box last year as I had “the fear”. Which is ridiculous so I took myself off and had a lesson on how to actually use it.

So first up I made up the sleeves and overlocked their seams. I then “reset” the arms into the body.

Because I didn’t want to lose any of the shoulder, I haven’t done a full set in sleeve. This would have meant taking out the old shoulder seam and using some of the shoulder fabric as a new seam allowance. This would have made the shoulders too narrow for me. IMG_9100Instead I attached the new shoulder to just inside the top of the old shoulder seam. I tacked the shoulders in place first and then stitched round using the old seam line as a guide. As you can see in the picture below, I need to hand stitch round the edges just to make sure they done pull down and show the gap!

The main watch out for the arms is to ensure you put them on the right way round. Which when pieces are inside out is very easy to do! I had tacked one arm in already before I stopped to check and realised I’d done the wrong one!


The body was then pretty straight forward. I seamed and overlocked as I went. The last step was to iron and then top stitch the seams flat. I also then reattached the badge to the left shoulder on the new shoulder cap.

About to take it out for a road test in the sunshine to school pick up.

Up next I have the mirror to jewellery display upcycle. I may bench the mittens project as the sun has started to come and we may have a mini heatwave next week (but then watch as we get snow mid month!)

Bye for now

Lucy x

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