Joules Harbour Top Upcycle Update

A quick update on where I am with the upcycle of my stained Joules Harbour top. On a closer inspection of said top, I realised that there were more stains!! (I can’t remember what happened to it but I am blaming the boys. Clearly I never marked clothing pre-children. Ahem) So the plan to re-purpose a red pique polo had to be shelved. But aha! I already had some navy pique fabric in my stash waiting for a purpose. (Does anyone else do that? Buy fabric then immediately forget why you bought it and just add it to the growing boxes?)

So it’s now going to be a bit more of a FrankenT-shirt than originally planned. But I have ploughed on and got the cutting out of the way.

img_8905.jpgFirst I cut across the chest – I’ve given myself a good 15mm seam allowance to play with here as I want to make sure the seam lies flat across my chest.

I’m using a rotary cutter with a cutting mat. I think I got both at Rymans or Hobbycraft or somewhere like that. Totally invaluable for cutting out fabric, paper, card etc.


I then lopped off the arms, again leaving myself a good 15mm seam allowance to play with.

I’ve decided to use the lower (unstained) part of the arms. I placed both arms next to each other to make sure I cut both at the same point (again very helpful to have stripes to line up).

I have opened out the cut off arm cap and used it as a template to cut two new pieces.

Finally I have used the lower body piece (with stains) as a template to cut out a new body section in the navy. I’m also toying with the idea of using the lower section of the yellow – which means I keep the Joules hare. Is that too much?

I have to leave it there. Next week I will get the machines out.

I’ve got a different blog pot coming up tomorrow with a bit of luck.

Lucy x

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