Crack On! – getting back to it after the Easter holidays

Any spare time for “me-time” over the past couple of weeks has been sucked into the vortex of school holidays. Juggling trips out, staying in, visiting family, getting homework done, tantrums (theirs & mine) all very blah. And to top it off my eldest kindly shared his eye infection with me (I have been “Stink-Eye” all week) – which was nice!

So now they are back to school/nursery and normal life resumes. While I was on enforced Lego building & Den making duties, I thought through which of the many projects I have in my head I should get on with next. And in the spirit of accountability & avoiding procrastination I am going to share with you here my plans for May.

  1. Upcycle an “Antique” frame into a Jewellery display.

    I found this mirror in a charity shop recently as I’ve been looking out for a similar frame to make my own version of the Pinterest picture above. I have a tangle of necklaces which I might actually wear more often if they were more untangled visible. This looks to be a relatively simple up cycle to do and I have everything I need to do it.

  2. Old jumper up cycle to mittens

    While I was visiting my mum, we found this old cardigan in a drawer which belonged to my Granny (my first teacher of so many different crafts). It’s not really wearable anymore but it couldn’t be thrown out. So ripe for an upcycle and given the turn of the weather this week I think mittens it is!IMG_8776_LI

So the plan will be to felt the cardigan slightly by shrinking it in a hot wash (but not too much!). Then cut out my mitten shapes and get sewing. I think I have some thin fleece fabric in my stash somewhere so I may also attempt lining them.

I am hoping that by making these mittens it will inspire a temperature change!

3. Refashion / up cycle a Joules top

This Joules Harbour top has been in my “to be re-fashioned” pile for a year now. It’s a lovely shade of yellow but it has 3 black splodges down the front which have set there. I would like to blame a child but I missed my mouth eating!

I was thinking about doing some kind of embellishment to cover the marks but could that just look like I’ve spilled more down myself? So instead I’m going to do a cut & shut job using another old shirt. The red one in the second picture below might be the one I go with. It is a similar fabric weight and the colours match. But I will have another go through my stash and see if anything else jumps out.

So there are my next three projects unless of course my eye wanders off and spies something shiny.  What do you think? Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated!

Lucy x


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