Any ideas – latest pottery finds…

We have a mole invasion underway in the field next to our house. They have been quiet over the winter months but in the last month have got their campaign back underway. The field next to our house is starting to look pretty spotty. The upside of all this new underground work are the pieces of china they kick up to the surface. I’ve been collecting these little fragments since we got our dog 6 years ago. Taking her out for wintery wee breaks with my new-born son meant we didn’t venture very far and I spent a lot of time walking round the field. Finding a tiny flowered chip brightened up those cold wet days slightly. I now have a box full and keep trying to come up with ideas on how to use them.

Our field still has it’s ridge and furrow lines dating back to the middle ages, so we have some really old pieces of china as well as more modern looking bits. I often wonder if I actually dug down would I find all the bits for a plate or a cup? It looks like the ploughing process will have spread pieces all over the field so probably not. I also wonder why our field has so many different examples of china – did we have the village rubbish dump at the bottom or was it normal practice to spread broken crockery on the land? One day I will do some investigating.

So far I have used a small amount of blue and white to make some leaping mosaic fish. Any ideas for these bits would be greatly appreciated…..


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