Crochet WIP – My Clothogancho Tribute blanket

Today I’m going to share one of my long term work-in-progress projects, my Clothogancho inspired crochet blanket. Clothogancho is an French blogger and crafter who has produced the most amazing blankets which from afar resemble Persian rugs.

After spending many hours pouring over the Clothogancho blog (and google translate as my French is appalling) I decided I needed to try to have a go at my own version.

And here she is so far:

Currently I have a central block of 25 granny squares, edged with 6 rows of different stripes (all UK triples though) and I stuck in a popcorn stitch in green too. Then a row of larger granny squares, with 6 more stripes round.

I’m now working on another row of granny squares – smaller and therefore lots required:

I’m doing a mix of block colours and mixed. I think I’ll then finish with more stripes and popcorn stitches as they are very easy TV watching activities!

The basic square I’m using starts with 12 trebles into a magic ring to form a circle. Then either with the same colour or a contrast,  I’ve used sets of 3 trebles and singles to form the corners. There are plenty of excellent crocheters out there with how to guides but I can post up a step by step if needed.

I have used Drops Nepal (65% wool, 35% alpaca) for this blanket. Bought in various batches at Wool Warehouse when they’ve had offers on Drops. The wool is fantastic to crochet with – very easy to see where to put your hook and doesn’t split too much. It’s making quite a heavy blanket, this one will go over the back of a sofa eventually. It’s maybe too heavy for a lap blanket you’d want to snuggle with. Drops Nepal comes in 38 shades and in 50g balls. I like the variety of colours and have managed to build up quite a random stash.

Done all this with a Clover Amour size 4 hook – I love the Clover Amour hooks as their squishy handles mean I can go on for longer and don’t get “Crocheters claw” quite so quickly!


I will be back to post further progress (when it happens!)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way to Clothogancho – I just love the blankets! Nor do I have any affiliation to Wool Warehouse or Clover – they have good sales and make good hooks is all.

Bye for now x





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