The First One!

So this is it. I’m starting my blog today. In amongst the millions of others already out there, here I start my contribution to the blogosphere. I’m going to start blogging my adventures in refashioning, upcycling, creating and making. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none, hence my moniker.

I’ve had a go at so many different types of crafts & activities over the years, that its becoming a running joke. I’ve also met some amazing craftsmen and women (or should that be crafts persons?) who have shown me how they do what they do. Some of these crafts I have taken to, some have held me at arms length. I love trying out new skills and seeing if I can do them. I have been guilty of walking past craft stalls and thinking “I could do that” – and sometimes I can, often I really can’t.

I’m going to start sharing the various things I have made and created, as well as the new things I have in mind to start (which may or may not work out – but I will share everything!). Anyway this is the first post – time to stop thinking about starting a blog, time to actually do it.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Lucy x

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